Watch Him Love Her (Rondeau III)

This is my third Rondeau in my recent attempt to focus on the fixed (traditional) forms of poetry.   A metaphor.

Watch him love her without return

Shifting curtains eye his lantern

As his shadow fingers the night

Hears a stumble – see his delight!

Picks bundled love off crumpled fern

He appears to be eastern

She from west, his bride so stubborn

Self righteous, petty, picks a fight

Watch him love her

He never seems to show concern

Just loves and so arms tied they turn

Tomorrow is far from tonight

She will again ‘It isn’t right’

But through his heart of love to burn

Watch him love her

Copyright © Andrew Phillips 2009

The rondeau is a form of verse used in English language poetry. It makes use of refrains, repeated according to a certain stylized pattern. It was customarily regarded as a challenge to arrange for these refrains to contribute to the meaning of the poem in as succinct and poignant a manner as possible. The rondeau consists of thirteen lines of eight syllables, plus two refrains (which are half lines, each of four syllables), employing, altogether, only three rhymes. It has three stanzas and its rhyme scheme is as follows: (1) A A B B A (2) A A B with refrain: C (3) A A B B A with concluding refrain C. The refrain must be identical with the beginning of the first line.


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