Want you near (To Isaiah)


It is almost two years since Isaiah died.  I wrote a fair bit to process the pain and grief.  There are some disjointed thoughts in the poem I see now but I remember it helped at the time.  Especially the dig at people who avoid the subject.  Please ask your friends about their lost loved ones… it shows you care.

by Andrew Phillips (December 2007)


Were they surprised?

When you arrived

As we contrived

To bring you back alive


My world is broken

My son was taken

The population count mistaken

I’m left among those forsaken


People try to say in kindness

He is with the Heavenly Highness’

Is this supposed to help us pine-less

Still at least they speak, more than the spineless


My grief does not resemble fear

I cry because I want you near

Wanted to grow and help each year

Well past the day we share a beer


A wise man stated to me in fairness

It is OK to be a mess

Even Jesus cried for Lazarus

While knowing He would wake his rest’


Copyright © Andrew Phillips 2007


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