nothing + time + chance

On the day
scientific man creates life
from non-matter + time + chance
we may just hear God
clapping and laughing.


photo by bradley schmadley


image by Leah Klar


We flew together 

for just a while 

Maybe?  Or perhaps a wandering lifetime 

Then we parted 

and she plucked me a memory 

in her perfect style 

a perfect piece with softest kiss 


This reminder sings in her colour 

and sends my senses back 

to a snuggling perfume 

that time we watched the sun fall 

and forgot all about flying home for the night 


It must have slipped! 

I had it tucked right here 

but the breezes crossed and bent my flight 

somewhere in those mountains 


A while or maybe a lifetime I cried 

On a moonlit beach 

Then burst out loud 

laughing at my silliness in the lapping tides 

The other beaks all turn away 

they say I’m not allowed 

to roll around on a lifetime of sand 

no longer worrying  

‘Where did it softly land?’ 



photo by Bradley Schmadley


You Are A Story

Picked From The Great Book Shelf

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Senryu and Haiku are a non-rhyming Japanese poem recording the essence of a moment.  It usually consists of three lines in 5/7/5 pattern (5 kana /7 kana / 5 kana) totaling 17 kana.   The foreign form is usually three lines with a total of 17 syllables or less.