Sweet Potato

A little sweet potato

of endless giggles cries and poops

is kicking the inner linings of my girl

just where three little boy sweet potatoes

kicked before


a pink sweet potato?


there won’t be a scan

we’ll meet in six months


in six months

in a warm pool

I’ll catch you and touch you

for the first time

and place your warm sticky skin

on my girl

you’ll cry and learn to find

her breasts

your nose and hungry little tummy

will find them

and nuzzle close


we’ll make your world warm

warm like the womb you nuzzle now


it’ll be sweet

my little potato


an afternoon

when I arrived home
the little guy
asked me to jump
on the trampoline
I said ‘I feel sick’
so we lay on the tramp
and watched one hundred and eighty-nine
birds flying home for the night