Monthly Archives: July 2010

Waiting for her


shivering desert sand
in the darkness
before sunrise
Waits for her

waiting is too much
It hurts to think of the warmth
not yet here

It hurts to feel the

l o n e l y   b r e e z e


it was better hours ago
when the sand knew
the waiting would be
lonely and quiet

but now

itching for touch
beneath it’s surface – itchy
without a fingernail to scratch

S h i v e r i n g

without a blanket to pull up
over it’s shoulders

and knowing
just beyond the

dark horizon
Her warmth
Her touch
so painful in his anxious thoughts
painful to want
To wait

beside a gravel road


Beside a gravel road

Not too far from nowhere

A grass seed head stands tall

Next to hundreds of grass heads


Charmed skyward like an Indian

rope, pulsing to the wind

Bending it’s back and straightening

Over and over


Like all the others

It is deaf to the sound

Of the brush cutter

Morning wrestle

Don’t ask me to try and look good today

You know it won’t work I don’t want to play

Throw me about go on try I don’t care

As long as you know they’ll point and they’ll stare


Please don’t dress me up and don’t dress me down

Or stick in those things to curl me around

Don’t straighten me out you know I hate that

Today I won’t play, look there… wear a hat