His Gaze Of Love


Did you know

you are precious to God.

And then

His eye is also on the sparrow

and so probably,

even gazes lovingly

at the noisy crow outside.

But not the cat.




(P.S. – Ha ha No hate mail from cat lovers please.)


6 thoughts on “His Gaze Of Love

  1. Andrew, I just wanted to say what an awesome site this is. I have today, taken some time to print some of these off and given them to mum. She may already have some but I know she will love getting some more.
    You are such a wonderful poet. I hope you are taking some time to send them for publishing.


  2. I don’t like cats. =P

    This poem is lovely and carries words may people need to listen to now and then, to feel loved and cared.

    Great job. =*

    Take care and keep smiling.

    1. Wow. Thank you Kenia. Thanks for visiting. I love your blog and visit often. You have created a beautiful place with your words and photographs. You make me want to learn Portuguese. Thank you for your comments.

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