screensaver puddles

for Leah (waiting for paint to dry)



the rainforest

comes off the mountain

and tours

Brisbane’s suburbs

playing its music

bringing the earthy smell

of moist underforest

and clean decay


the unfamiliar band sit in trees

playing foreign chords

and we turn our music off

to listen

their sounds seems to call

the mountain weather

down off the

Border Ranges

through Beaudesert

across to the Bay


rain falls like a slow thought

rain falls through an invisible leafy canopy

drop by drop

unlike those handfuls

thrown down

in angry Summer storms


each drop has its own name

the terracotta tiled roofs shrug

without much comment

tin roofs gossip

exaggerating the heavier showers

giving each drop

its own microphone


a bed reading atmosphere

painters complain

construction sites stand

in yesterday’s footprints


clouds cuddle into isolated hills

Mt Cotton, Mt Gravatt, Enoggera Hill

awkward, not used to intimacy


all of Brisbane drinks for days

not in gulps

but lifting the schooner slowly between

telling old stories of fishing

in Moreton Bay


gum tree silhouettes

and bright grey sky

light up puddles on the road

making screen saver circles

never on a loop



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