I was in a haiku mood all day today.  While driving and working I kept thinking in captured moments and trying to find the essence of them.  What made those moments so unique?  What is going on at the core of them?  More senryu to come – which depicts human nature – the first one here is probably not haiku but senryu:


before dawn

across the wet grass

leg-rope tapping


in the front garden

a Spring morning dew

on my hammer


the old highway bridge

busy in its later years

fishing – in the sun



Learn more about the traditional Japanese poem of Haiku.


3 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Hi Andrew!

    Great ku, and I know what you mean about the senryu/haiku thing. It’s a murky area some of the time, I suspect most of what (of my own) I call haiku are in fact senryu.

    The first two here are especially striking – and the first one is my favourite. Captured it! And the hammer left out, covered in dew, is great, so universal.

    1. Thanks Ashley – On second look – I think mine are all senryu. I’ve recently heard Anita Virgil on a podcast saying the merge of haiku/senryu has brought on a loss of both genres (misquoted but you get the drift). And I’ve just found this by Allan Pizzarelli: http://alanpizzarelli.com/essay/
      Thanks for the visit and comments
      I love how you use your blog for feedback too. Great!
      Cheers Andrew

      1. Hi Andrew! Thanks, I try and keep my blog pretty open, but I’ve just noticed it’s been pretty rare of late that I’ve managed to post any poetry for work shopping etc, might have to remedy that soon.

        I see Anita’s point, the blurring is pretty much complete with a lot of modern, western haiku huh? And Alan’s article was great, thank you! He’s got some cracker examples there (the cake one of Anita’s) and I think he’s right – much experimental haiku is probably senryu most of the time. Makes me wonder if I should change what I call my own stuff

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