dancing with her shadow

to Kenia, who hails from the land that gave us the incredible music of  Tom Jobim – keep dancing and painting Kenia

Visit her site.  It is a unique and beautiful space:  Poesia Torta


the city hosts them all

in the depths

busy – between the tall dark handsome – institutions

they climb to find the desk with their name

becoming so successful

at hiding

their shadows.


like an addict

they hide it

from each other

mostly from themselves

never truly successful

at disobeying its demands

all obsessive compulsives

now in socially acceptable ways


some brave souls

walk their shadows in the park

where the bright sun mocks

but feels warm somewhat

sensing moments of comfort

when they visit her


for this is where she dances

unafraid of hers

she paints her shadow

in bright colours

and speaks to it

like a friend


they used to think her crazy

now she offers to paint

their shadows also

one day they will



3 thoughts on “dancing with her shadow

  1. Andrew!!! What a beautiful present! Thank you so much! I’m touched. =D
    I want to ask you for permission to post it to Poesia Torta – I’ll work on a good translation, hope to be able to make it sound ‘you’.

    Thank you muchly, dear friend.

    May we exchange many poetical thoughts for the future to come.

    Kisses to you and your family. =)

    1. Post away and you are welcome Kenia. It takes me a while longer to write than you. I don’t know how you write so prolifically. I had the idea/image floating around in my head half the week and struggled to place words down. I didn’t think of it until after I posted but I should have stolen one of your photos from Flikr. You have some great photos. Please feel free to use your own to accompany the poem. Cheers Andrew

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