Senryu is another of the Japanese short forms of poetry.  It is structurally similar to Haiku but highlights ‘human nature’ and relationships whereas haiku is exclusively about nature.  Find out more here at Alan  By the way, yes I do have permission for the second senryu.  Before proceeding:  STOP – BREATH – OK? – ENJOY


racing cars

in a crumpled pile –

his pajamas


my pregnant wife

on her side

snores for two


small boy through trees

spotting a wallaby

spotting him first




4 thoughts on “Senryu

  1. Beautifully built. I guess I could get the hang of senryu faster than haiku. I’m too anxious to pay attention to nature now and then but I do pay lots of attention to people.


    1. Thanks Kenia – It’s such a powerful little genre. I have that feeling that I’m just scratching the surface of such a beautiful and deep craft. I’m loving reading it, reading about it. There is a great podcast I’ve been listening to called Haiku Chroncles here – if you’re more interested. Yes – senryu is easier for people watchers. Have a great weekend.

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