I haven’t posted much recently with much of my poetic energy going into stretching  myself at a poetry course at Queensland Writers Centre.  Last month I wrote this haibun (prose and haiku) from a real experience.


Saturday 4:30am The front door bashed through my sleep with the weight of an arm that knows how to handle itself.  Track suit pants struggle down the hallway as another knock took care of my remaining grogginess.  The cold air hit my bare chest as I opened the door to the law stood cold with the kid from up the street.  Morning sir sorry to wake you and make you stand here in the cold but Jonny here is charged by his Dad for trespassing on his property and stealing his bike.  There is obviously a breakdown of relationship we understand you’re aware of already.  An adult needs to sign for bail and you’re the closest to a parent he’s got.  He’s to be at children’s court on Tuesday morning.


a father’s bike

resting under his house

– cold street air



2 thoughts on “Haibun

  1. Wonderful! You made me want to write something like that, too! I may give it a try, though I know these Japanese things are your cup of tea, not mine.

    Keep writing. I’m happy to hear you’re busy with the poetry course. Guess it means we’ll soon be presented with more of you at your best.

    Take care and keep smiling. =*

    1. You’re so encouraging Kenia. I know i’m just scratching the surface of these Japanese forms. They are intricate and amaze me. Cheers for the comments. Please give it a try – I’d love to read it – your writing is always so concise and minimalist already you’ll probably write a screamer of a haibun! Catch you again soon.

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