five poems




to the place he died…



weeds growing neatly

between pavers

in this footpath


in the morning sun

a spider checking taut lines

– wish we were camping


this pawpaw tree‘s fruit

– needing support


wooden fence

heading back to nature




4 thoughts on “five poems

  1. I like the last one. fences heading somewhere – in space – in time – in nature.
    I found it thought provoking.
    I like the thought of the spider checking the lines in the early morning light, but the camping reference is a little obtuse for me. Maybe haiku lovers will get it.

    1. Thanks JDub – I appreciate your comments in a form you don’t feel confident in. If you find the camping too obtuse it’s probably because it is and I need to work it more. I agree about the fence – it has the most space about it.


  2. I love that first one, Andrew. It gave me a strong image, and really made me stop and think. “Weathered” is such a great word and can mean so many things and call up so many associations. And in the context of this haiku it can refer to so many things. I think it works so well with those first two lines.

    1. Thanks Melissa – i’m glad you picked up on ‘weathered’. I originally had ‘rundown’ which, I think was telling too much. I’ve been learning new haiku techniques from your blog. Thanks for stopping by.


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