Monthly Archives: January 2011

To The Avocado Who Swam The Good Fight


4000psi shuddering

skeletons.  A billion bees

drumming the rest

of life to silence.  Through mist, dank light

a cold room wall brought back

to bone.


4000psi shuddering

steel racking

stripped of pallets, flesh

of fruit and veggies now steaming

in a pile of January sun.


Another avocado trapped

above my head, the forgotten

dead hanging just below high tide.


While sleeping, the river crept

into Rocklea. Entering cucumber coldrooms

and banana gas chambers.  Waterproof Haas treading

warehouse swamp for days, keeping it’s

head up like an instinct. Sensing

rest in an elbow of steel racking.


Washing salad

on a loading dock, spread

across the street, scooped

by excavator.


4000psi shuddering

this hanger back to 4 deg

in a few days

to fill with new fruit.


Flood ku


holding back tears

in her living room

high tide


receding  river




no ants!

communities busy




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