Monthly Archives: February 2011

I sat with a poem…


I sat with a poem

over burrito and coffee

in a shopping mall.  Shot

‘getting to know you’

questions. We eyed

each other, politely.  Like trying to listen

to a foreign accent.  I motioned

to my ears the noise.  We had nothing

in common.  We stayed a little

longer then suddenly it held up the teaspoon

and bent it before my eyes.


Afternoon Transformation


Shirt wriggled, hung

broad tailed, tie loose knotted,

sock ankled.


At lights hitting

the walk button that’d blow

up the mathematics block. Unkempt

doesn’t reflect on him

but fashions his scorn

for Miss forcing

x – 3 = fix


your uniform.

“Where is your hat?”

y + up yours

he wishes he  could say

louder.  Her eyes heard

it anyway.


Taking time in the mirror

to fix skate cap 12deg from centre, shorts

2/7ths below boxers.  A new


slouch on a deck

of forward momentum.