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Ginko walks and Confit Bistro gig

Confit Bistro buzzed last night with Jack Kerouac’ poetry and haiku read by Graham Nunn and Julie Beveridge, Cindy Keong reading her own poetry from her Tanzania trip last year and Sheish Money and Jane Sheehy  playing their own brand of poetic riffs on guitar and keys.  Here’s a haiku I wrote during one of Sheish’s songs:


steel tube

could have been under the sink –

slide guitar


Some poet friends of mine have been participating in ginko (haiku walks) with Brisbane haiku poet Graham Nunn.  Sadly, I’ve not been able to join them but Graham has posted some of their work up at Another Lost Shark  Ginko – Vuong Ginko – Lee-Anne. Check it out.



“We are all Japan”

Simply Haiku editors Sasa Vazic and Robert Wilson are putting together an anthology of earthquake related poetryin support for the people of Japan.  All proceeds will go to earthquake victims through Salvation Army and Red Cross Japan.  They’ll accept (previously unpublished – not just Japanese forms) submissions until 15th May.  Submissions go to .  The website is We are all Japan or join the facebook support page .  Please also consider donating through the website links.

Aussies good?

Aussies struggle with Jesus’
parable cause they don’t see
what’s special about the Samaritan.

His name’s Brian
and he’ll jump the fence at the sniff
of pouring a driveway.

If you ask him why:
‘Orhhhh cause the beers’ll taste better when the shadows cast across.’

An’ there’s Debbie cooking extra
dinners for that couple on the street
just brought home a new bundle.

Russel fills a van
with bread to feed the dark alleys.
He’ll be home at two.

“We’ve got a room downstairs if you want it
it’s not legal height but there’s a bed and a toilet.”

So when water filled houses
through the state
every neighbour rolled up

Dave filled his 80series
with bread, milk ‘n tea. Drove over
Mt Glorious to get through to Coominya.

Neville found an old lady –
her house in Fairfield
leaking mud.

Joanne washed
with degreaser.

Trev finished his shift
at Roma St Fire station –
then organised teams in Rocklea

Jesse dried out photos.
Bazza offered his bobcat.

Deanna hiked
drinks and biscuits in her back pack
giving out smoko.

Scouts cooked snags on bread.
Handing out cold ones.

Jen couldn’t be there… gave
up new shoes to give money.

Thunderbird @ 12 weeks


Eyes lean at the yellow thing

sending dribbled  messages

to unrehearsed arms.


Gibberish travels to fingertips,

deciphering urgency

and grip themselves.


A vague mission fishes the space.


Arm pulled back, already correcting

from floating beyond

the prize.


In 20 months throwing

and catching a matchbox car –

Thunder Bird at 12 weeks


lunges again

a tease

a finger touch.