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See you in Brisbane’s words

There is so much going on in Brisbane over the weekend and coming week.  I just found out a good friend of mine Aaron Nebauer is playing at Black Star Coffee tonight.  Aaron released ‘New Age Neanderthals’ late last year and I missed the album launch so I can’t wait to go and watch him perform.  It’ll certainly beat waiting around all night listening to ‘Welcome back, we are just five hours away from Kate walking down the aisle.’
Black Star Coffee 44 Thomas St West End 7:30pm Friday April 29th $10 entry

Big Thoughts from the FRIGHTENED Well

Something else I missed last year was the Brotherhood of the Wordless performance at the Queensland Writers Festival.  This group is made up of people with Autism and other disabilities that preclude speech and use alternative communication methods to convey their needs and wants.  They’ve been working together with Ghostboy to put on this spoken word event Big Thoughts from the FRIGHTENED Well.  If you’re interested it’s on at the State Library at 4pm Saturday 30th April – Entry is free but bookings are required through qtix- Big Thoughts from the FRIGHTENED Well

Speedpoets on Sunday, at a new home, Brew, in Lower Burnett Lane.  I can’t wait to see the crew, listen to some great poetry and I think I’ll read a flood poem.  I’ve been wanting to for a while.

And I hope I can get along to Black Dove Members Night on Wednesday next week featuring Nick Grivas, Trudie Murrell, Eleanor Jackson & special guest Candy Royalle.  Here’s the link

See you at something somewhere.

Brisbane’s pesky locals

For some reason this week there’s been some poetic interest in the feral, good for nothing, ugly, will pinch a chip out of your fingers, sings like my great aunty, local Brisbane birds (no offence aunty).  Here is a sensational poem called ‘Why do we hate the crow?’ by a new blog friend Gabrielle Bryden.  Click on the mp3 recording.  It is well worth it.

Lee-Anne Davie has been writing haiku and you’ll find this (as well as plenty of others) at Another Lost Shark Sandgate Ginko: Lee-Anne Davie

a lone ibis fossicks

in the mangroves


I had to laugh at the misfortune of the old ibis but there seems to be a great deal of sympathy out there.  Here is John Wainwright at MirrorMosaicOfSounds :

noisy bird

enticing me

no-one else

A stone's throw from Chermside (don't even think about it!)


For some unknown reason, I’ve been getting cosy with Brisbane’s ‘pests’ – I wrote this last week:

during smoko

collecting nearby twigs

tones down his aaark

And here is a ‘fresh’ Saturday sequence of my own:

early morning car park full of sunlight


at the truck stop

morning birds

pick at a meat pie crust


I guess there’s no rush…

a crow walks

across the road


each time another

joins the banquet –

magpies lift their song


Peace to the pesky Brisbane locals