Across the desk
from a blue vinyl case.

Yellow:  from France
has a perfect point
and bite marks down
its hexagonal profile.

Each morning
life is shortened
sticky snatchy hands

circle squiggle suns       three flowers
daddy’s nose     four bananas    and a smudge

Its works will never be displayed
in the Louvre.  The pieces hang
on seven fridges.


11 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. bwahahaha – aloha Andrew. very fun. i like this a lot.

    …and… btw… the Louvre doesnt have all of the greatest works in the world.. some works of great importance, yeah, hang on refrigerators.

      1. bwahahaha – aloha Andrew – ha. i like that – the refrigerator door(way) to art. if i ever change my blog title i’ll keep this one in mind. may be it should be: Seven Fridge Doors of Art. …

        the key to a passage
        between worlds

        a slightly altered take off from The Doors – and a number of indigenous people of South America who place doorways over summit passes (and at other vistas) on trails in the high mountains – so that as you move along the trail you suddenly gain this perspective of passing from one world into another. mindful. cool. and fun.

        art is a passage way. i like that too.

      1. hahahaha – yeah. slightly odd. but it’s not like they were conference room doors or doors to banks. they were trail way doors. at least that’s how i saw them. they belonged there. much like the doors to the villages in that part of the world. they last. and they look like they’ve been there a long time. and yeah – the idea – wow. …along with the view and perspective of course.

  2. I was toying with this idea few times and you have done it well,

    I really liked the ‘yellow’ part and was hoping to see a development of the colours…

    1. Wow thanks Dhyan
      “and was hoping to see a development of the colours…” – I’m glad you mentioned that because I felt the same way but the urge to focus on just yellow won out in the end. I’m not sure if it could continue as a series to develop the ‘others’. Perhaps worth a go. Cheers

  3. Lovely poem – we have enough ‘fridge’ art in our home for a 100 plus fridges 😉 I really like the ‘smudge car’ – haha and
    ‘each morning
    life is shortened’
    – so true, no matter if pencil or animal.

    1. Thanks Gabrielle – ha ha the kiddie art piles up doesn’t it? My sister in law has an entire lounge room wall devoted to the ‘good stuff’. It’s a bit confronting and informal but shows the kids they value their work.

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