we dance
around his grin
next to the potty


5 thoughts on “senryu

  1. I prefer the
    ‘we dance
    around his grin
    next to the potty’
    – I like the way you are dancing ‘around his grin’ which shows that he is the epicentre of attention and his emotions are paramount. The other one – potty sounds like a verb which puts me off a bit (if that makes sense).

  2. Dear Gabrielle
    Among the “many other things” in your bio, include natural freudian. Sigmund referred (almost) to your insight as His Majesty the Baby. [].
    I have recently visited and gawked endlessly at my neice’s baby, Maeve. Like everyone else does and is doing and has always done and will. One day, after being satiated for a bit, I thought, is this where our allegedly religious conviction that God is all powerful, all wonderful, all OK comes from?
    Do we all remember the spendid feeling, the total feeling, the oceanic gladness, in short (to accept a little help from my Freund) the untouchableness (not in the south asian caste sense, but the impregnable sense) of that state?
    And does that memory and desire to regain it lead us – who, of course, are prevented by reality from ever regaining it – to ascribe those characteristics to our god, deposit them there where they are ever safe, and we can visit and implore a little crumbs-from-the-table perquistry while we’re at it? [You know, like, what’s the point of having friends in high places, if you don’t get a little advantage from it?]

    Dear Andrew
    Your site and your subscribers are a treasure trove.

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