Monthly Archives: June 2011

Winter moon

storm water drain
my feet catch
the moonlight 

fishermen cast
into the Winter moon

I went for a ginko walk last night up at Scarborough to watch the Winter moon rise up out of the water.  It was a spectacular sight.  A group of us wrote and shared haiku under direction from Brisbane haiku poet Graham Nunn.  Check out Thursday morning’s red moon and haiku by Graham over at Another Lost Shark

Has Monkey completed his ‘Journey to the West’?


He strides through the car park
like the first beams of sunlight, straight for
the train station.  He is Monkey,
dressed in black, perfect sideburns.
Perhaps Magic’s brother, migrated to Australia,

works in security.  There is no Horse,
Sandy or Pigsy, no staff, not even suitcase.
Arms are for swinging.  If I had the nerve
to stop him, he would speak with
delayed dubbing.  Every day I wish
I had my mate Bradley with me.  He
would ask for a photograph.