Has Monkey completed his ‘Journey to the West’?


He strides through the car park
like the first beams of sunlight, straight for
the train station.  He is Monkey,
dressed in black, perfect sideburns.
Perhaps Magic’s brother, migrated to Australia,

works in security.  There is no Horse,
Sandy or Pigsy, no staff, not even suitcase.
Arms are for swinging.  If I had the nerve
to stop him, he would speak with
delayed dubbing.  Every day I wish
I had my mate Bradley with me.  He
would ask for a photograph.


6 thoughts on “Has Monkey completed his ‘Journey to the West’?

    1. Wow, thanks Ashley. ‘Tis funny, while working on it I did think I bet Ashley loved the series. I’d love to know if there’s anything distracting or unnecessary in there. I don’t know that it’s tight enough. Love having you stop by.

      1. Yes! Guilty as charged! Loved the show growing up, and have the boxset. Which reminds me, it’s been a while since I’ve watched an episode, I must find it and give it a spin.
        Hmm, looking again, maybe, maybe I’d swap a full stop for a comma at the end of line 4 and do a little resultant adjusting for reading rhythm, but that’s probably down to personal taste rather than anything I’d count as a flaw.

  1. I’m really enjoying this one Andrew. You should bring it along to a Tuesday group as there are a few suggestions I would make, but yeah, really like it.

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