jacaranda haiga

my japanese friend…

why you do not celebrate

the jacaranda?

I’m really excited, on Sunday afternoon I’ll be joining some friends under a backyard jacaranda with a few drinks to celebrate these few weeks of bloom before they litter the streets with purple muck mulch. I think there will be some Sake there too, just to link it to the cherry blossom festival.  Yewww!


8 thoughts on “jacaranda haiga

  1. Sounds great – tell us how the Sake went – haha. The jacaranda blooms at the same time as final exams at UQ and it took me about a decade before I could look at those purple blossoms without feeling a bit sick (ala Pavlov’s dog).

  2. here’s a jacaranda ‘ku for you:

    cursing their beauty
    again I rake
    jacaranfa blossoms

    hope the sake was warm in the belly… see you Sunday for ginko!

  3. This pretty much captures most peoples dis-affection to the tree. I’m however shocked and disgusted at a nature lover like you Graham. November peace must come in the sweeping of purple. Ha ha. Can’t wait for Ginko. See you Sunday.

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