Calamus muelleri (lawyer vine)

How soon did you arrive 
after this giant beech fell
and pulled down a hole 
in the ceiling?  

You scramble for light 
on a rotting forest floor.  From one hundred 
meters you stretch tendrils to climb 
into the canopy with your backward facing
thorns.  Why do you exist lawyer 
vine?  What purpose? Look, my throat 

is jagged sideways, your necklace of needle hooks
rip at my skin, but even as I step back and perform 
a delicate pincer removal, you curl another 
round my back and down my arm, grab my 
pant leg.  I bend down to pick you off 
and again you are holding my hat.  




4 thoughts on “Calamus muelleri (lawyer vine)

    1. What a fantastic thing to say! Thanks Brad. Backing away slowly is the only way, don’t try to walk through it, it’ll only make things worse. Though I hope you do come back for more entanglement.

  1. Hi Andrew

    Yes, I remember hearing the story many times on my visits to O’Reilly’s over the years and to remember it after 75 years I thought it deserved another mention. A real display of courage and perseverance. Glad you stumbled by. I could listen to it over and over again. (I’ve got the book “Green Mountains” and read it quite often.)

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  2. Andrew,
    Very realistic. I feel like I’m in the forest when reading this. Fantastic.
    Looking forward to more of th Stinson story.

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