dO yOU WanT woRds?

Stop looking at me funny. This Sunday is the final Speedpoets (open-mic Championship-Of-The-Worl… perhaps Brew bar in brisbane) for the year of 2012. If you’re around bris and want wOrdS then head into Brew (Lower Burnett Lane) from 2:30.

Check out this write-up and poem of mine ‘moment, for a currawong’ – Andrew Phillips over at Another Lost Shark.

Also check out these great poets Marisa Allen , Chloë Callistemon , Carmen Leigh Keates , Nicola Scholes , Cameron Logan , Jo Brooks , and Michael Cohen (where’s Michael???) who are all actually friends but open mic is such a blood sport. There’ll be plenty of other poetry, music, zines, words wordS worDS woRDS wORDS WORDS so I hope to see YOU there. bye




6 thoughts on “dO yOU WanT woRds?

    1. Hey Ash, cheers. I really can’t wait to hear all the feature sets. We’re a diverse group of poets that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to performing some new stuff. Hey, is it too late to send you a tintin piece?

      1. You’ll have to tour your new book up here next year with a few feature performances around brisbane. That’d be cool – a working holiday (gotta get something back from Wayne!).

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