too close
stand back from the road
little grey gum


brisbane is friday square library with poetry

You heard me.

This Friday

Alchemy presents: February in Reverie

Tiggy and I are performing our ‘That zero year’ setThat zero year
(including the two-voice poems ‘Options’ and ‘Drowning in three children’)

It’s a conversation of pieces
delving into grief, loss of child, mayhem, escape, home birth and the odd happy moment too.

Friday also throws at you music from Tony Dean and dance from Vivienne VSassy.

Friday 5:30pm – 6:30pm
at Brisbane Square Library
266 George

hope you can make it and say g’day

No, you can’t borrow our book
because we’re in the library

but you can buy it for ten.  


haiku invite

cotton tree hibiscus flower

sunshine and gravity
to what has fallen



I’ve been enjoying photography lately. This photo seems to crave haiku. I took the shot over at Stradbroke Island recently. I’ve tried to write a ku but can’t seem to capture much. If it inspires anyone to write a ku i’d love to hear it.

I’ve broken

ground and a roof tile
promises fishing line knee-skin

a vow into conversations those plastic outdoor
chairs that squash like baby giraffe legs a surfboard

wind curfew a heart
or two perhaps my wife’s favourite wine glass

and now at thirty-four bone
for the first time – it sounded like a twig and now
my left toe is sideways