review of ‘That Zero Year’

Phillip Ellis recently posted a review of ‘That Zero Year‘. Click on over if you have a few minutes. This is my first publication and therefore my first review so I’m pretty stoked Phillip has sat with our poems long enough to write about the collection and collaboration.  Here’s a bit from his review:

That zero year

The nature of this language is uniform between both poets. It can be seen clearly via quotation; the following comes from the final half of “Routine in Grief”:

I sit and wait
for the spoon to drop

try to work out my answer
to the question
that will follow

The language of this poem (and the others) is a pared-back, quiet language. It makes no stylistic flourishes but, rather, sets out its narrative and situation with a minimum of ideolectical qualities. This language is simple, yet not simplistic, emotive yet not emoting, and the poems are all the stronger for this plain-speaking quality.

If you would like to buy a copy of your own. Please send me an email to: piedhilllprawns (at) and I’ll send one to you. They’re a great gift for new mum’s and dad’s and for $10 super-affordable too.


6 thoughts on “review of ‘That Zero Year’

  1. Fantastic news, Andrew – it’s a great review for a great collection!

    I really like this point from Phillip:

    “This inability to distinguish authors on a casual reading works with the language to help create a unity of voice, effect and excellence. The voice is uniform, but is not lessened or flattened as a result. The effect, also, is unified”

    Your voices do compliment each other really well, and it’s very effective and pleasing as a reader.

    1. Yes, Tiggy is particularly proud that point is made by Phillip as she was the one to suggest to not mark the poems with our names and I was never quite sure. Thanks so much Ashley.

      Btw, I’ve finally got my hands on your latest ‘between giants’ and gingerly stepping into the first few pieces but instead I find them astoundingly inviting. Are you drawing me into a deep dark landscape?

      1. Yeah, I definitely liked that idea, Andrew.
        Thank you, fantastic! Great question, maybe I am? I wonder about ‘between giants’, whether it’s darker than the previous collection? It seems to be on many levels?

  2. G’day, Andrew! It was very much a pleasure to review That Zero Year for you and Tiggy. And thank you for posting a link back to it. I’m looking forward to news of more publications down the track. 🙂

    1. Thanks Phillip, It’s certainly interesting to find out how someone else might perceive a work. Thanks for taking the time to explore the poems and write a review. It’s a project Tiggy and I really enjoyed working on and it’s great to hear the work being enjoyed by readers. Cheers

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