too much early

I hand a pre-dawn pocket of coins over

her industrial estate face-for-the-boys

she’ll sell fifty of these paper wrapped breakfasts before 7

thinly sliced pig, fried chicken fetus on
finely-milled bleached wheat
yeast-mixed, overnight baked
and sliced
and soggy pan toasted
and sauced

and I wash it through me with
roasted-bean infused water

and feel human again

2 thoughts on “too much early

  1. This is supercool, Andrew. ‘Society’ is so hyper-vigilant these days about making us aware of the sources and ethics of our food choices, I suspect many have been desensitised to it all. This pome of yours really broke through the man-animal literature I’ve been reading, and hit the spot for me; perhaps because it locates the morally questionable foodstuffs in the context of a balanced diet?

    I’ve been weaning myself away from B&E rolls onto hash browns and spinach and cheese puffs. When I do go the B&E (out of desperate craving), I don’t take sauce on mine: apart from not liking the taste of it, I’ve no idea what’s in it.

    1. Brad, I’m constantly surprised at what readers extract from a poem. I’m super pleased you took so much from it – it’s encouraging! And thanks for sharing.

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