About me

I live in Brisbane, Australia.  I grew up surfing, clambering through the rainforest, climbing mountains and never ever read poetry.  So why do I keep a poetry blog?  I don’t know.  Explore and you might find out…  then let me know.

You will find some poems about losing Isaiah (Aug – Nov 2007).  Writing has helped me through the process of grief.  It seems to help somehow.  I also love to write about children and living in Brisbane.

You’ll also find haiku and senryu (short verse concerning a single moment).

I love reading other poetry blogs too.  Make sure you say ‘G’day’ and leave a link to your own creativity.

You will find a ‘Category Cloud’ in the right hand column, listing poems by theme.  You could also read through the poems from the Home page.  These are published in reverse chronological order (newest poems at the top).   Subscribing to the blog simply means you will receive notification via email of new poems as they are posted.

Please feel free to give feedback by adding a comment or contact Andrew via email:  piedhillprawns@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting

9 thoughts on “About me

  1. aloha Andrew – G’day, that is. thanks for joining in the ku-me chain.

    i agree with you that poetry, writing – art – has tremendous healing capacity. i’m glad you’ve found this in your writing and poetry. i’m glad you write about Isaiah.

    have fun in celebrating life – aloha – rick

  2. G’day – your reasons for starting a poetry blog echo mine (I also used to live in Brisbane but now further north – on the shores of Hervey Bay) – I’ve been meaning to do Rick’s Ku – Me thingy, so better get my act together (are you listening Rick – aloha – hahaha). I will have a look around your blog Andrew 🙂

  3. Enjoyed reading your poetry..particularly on the Stinson. I am Bernard’s grandaughter and that someone younger is keeping the history alive.

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