Please, come in


put those fears

down. It is



You need to

rest. You can always pick

them up again

in the morning,

but then

you may not need to.




Circles around God


On my way to the letterbox

I met this god

who knew me.

So I ran


in fear because I

didn’t even know

myself the way he looked

through me.  Stone


gods stare at nature un-

moved so I didn’t

run to them.  Money

gods take.  All the


pleasure gods leave

me starving for

more and more… I want

more.  So I keep


running around

the block knowing

he’s beside

the letterbox.  Knowing one


day I’ll realise

this is stupid

stop and say

“Umm… Hi”


Extending the Life of Outdoor Furniture


it hardly seems fair

this piece of outdoor

furniture demands

my attention on a day like today

the first sun

in two weeks

wind howling

to play with that kite

we’ve used once

my son jumping

to bounce on the trampoline with me

until our heads turn into electricity

but the gaping

grains of cypress whine louder than the wind


the skin on my hands would love to be bathed

in oil – to look and feel like last year

instead they’ll smell

like turps for the next two days

next time

I sit on this bench I expect

it to write me a better


than this one.




you rage green

in tie-dye

at my son

picking up a stone


he is not

moving it

with machine

to build another

shopping center


and one day

he may

also appreciate

the stone

where it sits


but he


being one

with nature

when his own nature



l       o

P                      p!

in the waves



photo by Bradley Schmadley


You Are A Story

Picked From The Great Book Shelf

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Senryu and Haiku are a non-rhyming Japanese poem recording the essence of a moment.  It usually consists of three lines in 5/7/5 pattern (5 kana /7 kana / 5 kana) totaling 17 kana.   The foreign form is usually three lines with a total of 17 syllables or less.