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Winter Ginko: City Botanic Gardens

Graham Nunn (Another Lost Shark) led us on a ginko (a haiku walk) on Sunday. Here are some of the local Brisbane poets and our haiku here:

Winter Ginko: City Botanic Gardens.



run around renku

Turning Japanese lately with the traditional form of renga or renku. Yes, it’s related to haiku. It’s a collaborative series of linked verse. Here’s part of a summer renga I wrote with jDub which we performed at Speedpoets last Saturday. Enjoy!


I’ve been writing with a bunch of other Brisbane poets in a renku called ‘Snake Weather’ and the first three parts of the poem is over at Another lost shark. Check it out if you have a moment. ‘Snake Weather: part 1’  – ‘part 2’ – ‘part 3’ 

dO yOU WanT woRds?

Stop looking at me funny. This Sunday is the final Speedpoets (open-mic Championship-Of-The-Worl… perhaps Brew bar in brisbane) for the year of 2012. If you’re around bris and want wOrdS then head into Brew (Lower Burnett Lane) from 2:30.

Check out this write-up and poem of mine ‘moment, for a currawong’ – Andrew Phillips over at Another Lost Shark.

Also check out these great poets Marisa Allen , Chloë Callistemon , Carmen Leigh Keates , Nicola Scholes , Cameron Logan , Jo Brooks , and Michael Cohen (where’s Michael???) who are all actually friends but open mic is such a blood sport. There’ll be plenty of other poetry, music, zines, words wordS worDS woRDS wORDS WORDS so I hope to see YOU there. bye



The First 30

Right place – right time. I managed to get my hands on an early copy of ‘The First 30‘ from Graham Nunn. The first thing you notice is the texture and image. The collection is hugged by the cover art (check it out below – if feels even better in your hands), raising expectation as you open pages into Nunn’s world of Brisbane streets, Tweed coastline and the anticipation of baby. Then, Graham lets the reader into hospital space, the family home and much loved and experienced suburban streets.  These are images that remain with you and bring you back asking for more.
I’m ecstatic to announce the launch happening next Sunday afternoon and still pinching myself that Graham is allowing me to be a part of the celebration. I hope to see you there.
Another Lost Shark Publications
invites you to the launch of
The First 30 and other poems
by Graham Nunn 
To be launched by multi-award winning poet Nathan Shepherdson

Date: Sunday October 21
Time: 3pm – 5pm
QLD Writers Centre (Level 2, State Library of QLD)
RSVP: email Graham
by Wednesday October 17

With his enriching sequence The First 30 Graham Nunn continues to mould a place for his own form of optimism. In contemporary poetry the big ticket trio of family, love and innocence have become surprisingly difficult terrain in an ever-knowingworld. Harvesting the thoughts around his firstborn, Nunn approaches this ‘trio’ with natural sincerity underpinned with a hint of undamaged irony – mixing gravity and amazement in the right measure. He builds a shelter of words around the central hearts in his life; leaving enough space to welcome the reader as an intimate witness.

Nathan Shepherdson
To help celebrate the launch of The First 30 and other poems, Graham will be joined by local poets Andrew Phillips (That Zero Year) and  Julie Beveridge (home{sic}).
We look forward to seeing you there!
The First 30 and other poems is now available from the Another Lost Shark Store

ginko – a haiku walk


walking in thongs
along the track
every stick slithers

For the months of October and November I’ve been writing haiku with a group of poets in different locations in Brisbane.  Here’s a few of mine and a link to some of the other ku by the group.

longevity bench
the old man
smokes a packet

white stains
by the ice cream stall
sacred ibis

Here are the links to some of the ginko haiku over at Another Lost Shark.   Kurilpa Bridge    City Botanic Gardens     Brunswick St     Southbank     Mt Gravatt Mountain


Queensland Poetry Festival – Spoken In One Strange Word

My head is still buzzing with their words.  Cracking poets (and musicians) graced the stages of the Judith Wright Centre over last weekend.  Here are a few of my highlights.  Before I do, this is my 100th post, which is some kind of milestone and also means I’m a bit irregular at blogging but the QPF marks 1 year since I ran into the poetry community here in Brisbane.  I’ve met amazing poets, ridden a steep learning curve about all things poetry and it felt like a bit of a celebration to read one of my poems at the Ekka recently.   I also read at the open mic event at QPF last Sunday.  Stoked is this Pied Hill Prawns.  Anyway (some of) my highlights:

Max Ryan -It was great to see Max again and here him read from his work.  I particularly enjoy Journey of The Beatles fan about a trip down to Sydney to see JohnPaulGeorgeRingo.  Everytime I hear it I’m on that bus with all the anticipation.  Check out an interview with Max over at Another Lost Shark

Aidan Coleman’s sharp images had me frozen in my chair and wanting to jump up and yell ‘Yeah!’ at the same time.  He read some pieces from his first book Avenues and Runways and work from his new book Asymmetry to be released next year.  The new work covers a particularly heavy period in life when Aidan had a stroke.  One poem that stood out (and I hope I have the title correct) was A prayer for my right hand.  I can’t wait for the release of Asymmetry.  There is also an interview with Aidan over at Another Lost Shark – well worth the read and a good place to look out for Asymmetry.

It was great to meet Ashley Capes after some online contact over the past year.  I really enjoyed him reading some of his haiku which just so happens to be on video over at his blog – check it out: Ashley Capes

Sawako Nakayasu wowed us with hamburgers and ant poems.  Yes ant poems.  Here’s a youtube reading of two ant poems.  I hope she records some more or releases a cd with her book coming out soon. 

There are so many other poet’s work I have bouncing around in my head including the political poems of Australian poet in residence  Sandra Thibodeaux, Qld’s poet in residence Jacob Polley (loved hearing him read Smoke) and WA poet and celloist Kevin Gillam.  I will never forget an impromptu performance by Marissa Allen and Kevin playing violin and cello to finish off Marissa’s reading. 

I’ll post the poem I read at the Ekka and open mic soon.  A flood poem I’ve taken some time to work on since January.  In the mean time I have plenty of purchased poetry from the event I need to attend to.  Cheers QPF

Brisbane’s pesky locals

For some reason this week there’s been some poetic interest in the feral, good for nothing, ugly, will pinch a chip out of your fingers, sings like my great aunty, local Brisbane birds (no offence aunty).  Here is a sensational poem called ‘Why do we hate the crow?’ by a new blog friend Gabrielle Bryden.  Click on the mp3 recording.  It is well worth it.

Lee-Anne Davie has been writing haiku and you’ll find this (as well as plenty of others) at Another Lost Shark Sandgate Ginko: Lee-Anne Davie

a lone ibis fossicks

in the mangroves


I had to laugh at the misfortune of the old ibis but there seems to be a great deal of sympathy out there.  Here is John Wainwright at MirrorMosaicOfSounds :

noisy bird

enticing me

no-one else

A stone's throw from Chermside (don't even think about it!)


For some unknown reason, I’ve been getting cosy with Brisbane’s ‘pests’ – I wrote this last week:

during smoko

collecting nearby twigs

tones down his aaark

And here is a ‘fresh’ Saturday sequence of my own:

early morning car park full of sunlight


at the truck stop

morning birds

pick at a meat pie crust


I guess there’s no rush…

a crow walks

across the road


each time another

joins the banquet –

magpies lift their song


Peace to the pesky Brisbane locals