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Cudgera Creek (Hastings Point, NSW)

it is low tide
and the upside down
pelican is kissing

its own reality
graceful awkward
funk gullet

an insect-leaping mullet
wobble dreams
the scene



 (inspired from David Stavanger @readerinres ‘ashes’)

a bruised face records the good shots
an inelegant swann spins from vulture street
I miss the hill – I don’t
miss the dog track – what happened
to Happy Jack?

we aussies sing in beautiful chorus
when the lyric includes ‘wanker’ – Broad is
conducting crowds in a deep square
the kid in front is seeing the beach ball
like fruit-flys

the umpire doesn’t have his eye in
the member’s haze on stanley is rich
boxes come in air-conditioned
or extremely humid

Section 14 Row T seat 7 is bellow
XXXX survives on event monopoly
slow motion replays reveal VB stepped on
toes over the border

 the umpire called

 It requires 6 x ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one for a Mexican 2 pi R

white is a canvas
bowlers draw batsmen
holding the bat out
there’s a spot they missed
for advertising

Wooloon-cappemm (jagerra)
means place of swirling plastic beer cups

Aussies good?

Aussies struggle with Jesus’
parable cause they don’t see
what’s special about the Samaritan.

His name’s Brian
and he’ll jump the fence at the sniff
of pouring a driveway.

If you ask him why:
‘Orhhhh cause the beers’ll taste better when the shadows cast across.’

An’ there’s Debbie cooking extra
dinners for that couple on the street
just brought home a new bundle.

Russel fills a van
with bread to feed the dark alleys.
He’ll be home at two.

“We’ve got a room downstairs if you want it
it’s not legal height but there’s a bed and a toilet.”

So when water filled houses
through the state
every neighbour rolled up

Dave filled his 80series
with bread, milk ‘n tea. Drove over
Mt Glorious to get through to Coominya.

Neville found an old lady –
her house in Fairfield
leaking mud.

Joanne washed
with degreaser.

Trev finished his shift
at Roma St Fire station –
then organised teams in Rocklea

Jesse dried out photos.
Bazza offered his bobcat.

Deanna hiked
drinks and biscuits in her back pack
giving out smoko.

Scouts cooked snags on bread.
Handing out cold ones.

Jen couldn’t be there… gave
up new shoes to give money.

Crisp Blue








crisp blue Winter

forgeting those hazy Summer reds

with oozing roads holding

sluggish tyres

and air conditioned people


all needing to be

the car in front

needing their

air conditioned TV screen

to tell them today’s temperature

and tomorrow’s

never ending Summer reds

forgetting these few moments of

crisp blue Winter