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ginko – a haiku walk


walking in thongs
along the track
every stick slithers

For the months of October and November I’ve been writing haiku with a group of poets in different locations in Brisbane.  Here’s a few of mine and a link to some of the other ku by the group.

longevity bench
the old man
smokes a packet

white stains
by the ice cream stall
sacred ibis

Here are the links to some of the ginko haiku over at Another Lost Shark.   Kurilpa Bridge    City Botanic Gardens     Brunswick St     Southbank     Mt Gravatt Mountain


Winter moon

storm water drain
my feet catch
the moonlight 

fishermen cast
into the Winter moon

I went for a ginko walk last night up at Scarborough to watch the Winter moon rise up out of the water.  It was a spectacular sight.  A group of us wrote and shared haiku under direction from Brisbane haiku poet Graham Nunn.  Check out Thursday morning’s red moon and haiku by Graham over at Another Lost Shark