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Winter Ginko: City Botanic Gardens

Graham Nunn (Another Lost Shark) led us on a ginko (a haiku walk) on Sunday. Here are some of the local Brisbane poets and our haiku here:

Winter Ginko: City Botanic Gardens.



on stilts


Those good people over at Stilts have featured Graham Nunn, a few of my friends and myself so if you have a moment click over there to check it all out.  Stilts

Make sure you check out Chloë Callistemon’s poems and have a listen to her read her piece [If we could speak between. Chloe

Here’s a link to my poems Wagtail and other poems

Have a great Friday.

The First 30

Right place – right time. I managed to get my hands on an early copy of ‘The First 30‘ from Graham Nunn. The first thing you notice is the texture and image. The collection is hugged by the cover art (check it out below – if feels even better in your hands), raising expectation as you open pages into Nunn’s world of Brisbane streets, Tweed coastline and the anticipation of baby. Then, Graham lets the reader into hospital space, the family home and much loved and experienced suburban streets.  These are images that remain with you and bring you back asking for more.
I’m ecstatic to announce the launch happening next Sunday afternoon and still pinching myself that Graham is allowing me to be a part of the celebration. I hope to see you there.
Another Lost Shark Publications
invites you to the launch of
The First 30 and other poems
by Graham Nunn 
To be launched by multi-award winning poet Nathan Shepherdson

Date: Sunday October 21
Time: 3pm – 5pm
QLD Writers Centre (Level 2, State Library of QLD)
RSVP: email Graham
by Wednesday October 17

With his enriching sequence The First 30 Graham Nunn continues to mould a place for his own form of optimism. In contemporary poetry the big ticket trio of family, love and innocence have become surprisingly difficult terrain in an ever-knowingworld. Harvesting the thoughts around his firstborn, Nunn approaches this ‘trio’ with natural sincerity underpinned with a hint of undamaged irony – mixing gravity and amazement in the right measure. He builds a shelter of words around the central hearts in his life; leaving enough space to welcome the reader as an intimate witness.

Nathan Shepherdson
To help celebrate the launch of The First 30 and other poems, Graham will be joined by local poets Andrew Phillips (That Zero Year) and  Julie Beveridge (home{sic}).
We look forward to seeing you there!
The First 30 and other poems is now available from the Another Lost Shark Store

That zero year

That zero year is the publication of work Tiggy and I have collaborated on over the past year. It deals with all things parenting and kids, hits raw nerves in places and I’m stoked to be placing it out there for readers to enjoy. I love what these three brilliant poets have to say and feel truly blessed to have their words donning the back cover: 

From the sudden weight of Thirteen weeks to the biting complaints of Fishing, That zero year screams with joy. These poems form a dialogue of love and loss; unpicking stitches in the family weave to welcome us to the bedside table of these most private moments. Here, we witness breath-taking devastation – the missing knee in the chest, the remembered rub of a belly – and wide-eyed wonder – a smile wriggled through to the toes. That zero year is an unflinching celebration of breath and blood. Phillips and Johnson know what it is to be alive and we are richer for it.

Graham Nunn

This collection is like an unsuspecting orientation manual, uniting what appears to be uncomplicated materials, recognisable motifs, familiar situations and mapped out structures but, in all reality, holds the weight of ten sinking cities and leads me back to that Talking Heads lyric, ‘how did I get here?’

Pascalle Burton

As reflections on domestic life and the intimacy of family, these are fine poems. But as portraits of loss, love, and grief, and of what happens in the months and years that follow tragedy, they are vivid, unflinching, and beautiful.

Michelle Dicinoski

The book will be available for purchase at the QPF bookshop this weekend. We will be performing our set on Sunday morning so if you’re around Brisbane, we would love to see you there – 11am at Judith Wright Centre and here’s a taste of what you’ll get if you pick up a copy of That zero year.

The home midwife

She pulls up in a hatchback,
carries her leather case swollen
with years in and out of waters

a little vial of rose oil
and herbs transferred through bellyskin
to help the body yawn.

She walks down a hallway
to brew a pot of raspberry leaf,
fennel, singing nettle

and chats between the heavy breaths,
makes a joke about stir frying the placenta
but doesn’t laugh.

No phone code or knife sharpening
for spine on spine, head up bottom down
or umbilical wrapped around the neck

she has whispering hands;
chinese point massage to coach
an aquatic half somersault
and unfurl the ribbon.

She reads faces too
guides a father’s hands
to be in on the magic of catching skin
slippery as water

it’s a black art
to let a baby happen
in your living room.

Stuff going on (and a fishing poem)

clouds swirl
the brisbane eye turns
with the tide

I’ve been a Pied Hill Prawn.   Not all business, some pleasure, and holidays.  More on that later.  Speedpoet’s went well.  I think.  I wasn’t in the audience so hard to say.  I had a ball anyway.  It was fun reading my poems and the haiku/senryu set with Sheish was sweet.  Sheish played harmonica between each ku.  A cleansing of the palate between images.   Loved it.  Thanks for those who came out especially to support and there were those Speedpoet’s regulars in the audience who were very encouraging.  Cheers.

I’ve been participating in Ginko walks for the past few Sundays.  It’s put on by the Queensland Writers Centre and lead by haiku poet Graham Nunn of Another Lost Shark.  Check out this link to the group’s haiku from Kurilpa Bridge.  Hop around Graham’s recent posts to see some anxious poetry about waiting for their baby to decide to head out.

Here is a poem from my recent time with the family down at the Tweed Coast.

(with children)

The car park is a long piece of gravel
feet are light and the nylon line

must be cast for them.  Patience catches
nothing half way through a tide

that encouraging nibble
would be nice.  Their fish is given up

for casting stones into the river.  Heavy
sinkers are found at the bottom

of the box.  Another hour of biting
complaints and the car park is a long piece of gravel.

Ginko walks and Confit Bistro gig

Confit Bistro buzzed last night with Jack Kerouac’ poetry and haiku read by Graham Nunn and Julie Beveridge, Cindy Keong reading her own poetry from her Tanzania trip last year and Sheish Money and Jane Sheehy  playing their own brand of poetic riffs on guitar and keys.  Here’s a haiku I wrote during one of Sheish’s songs:


steel tube

could have been under the sink –

slide guitar


Some poet friends of mine have been participating in ginko (haiku walks) with Brisbane haiku poet Graham Nunn.  Sadly, I’ve not been able to join them but Graham has posted some of their work up at Another Lost Shark  Ginko – Vuong Ginko – Lee-Anne. Check it out.



Another Lost Shark – QLD Writer’s Week Feature

For the month of October I am developing my poetry skills at a Queensland Writers Centre workshop with Brisbane poet Graham Nunn.  As part of QLD Writer’s Week Graham is featuring emerging poets on his blog and so here I am on  Another Lost Shark .  Please head over and check out my new poem ‘the jasmine fence’ and my discussions about writing poetry.