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self-indulgent grief

I’m never sure if I should post poems like this.  I wrote it Tuesday.  It was Isaiah’s birthday, he would have turned three.  I found myself thinking about MY loss and not really about him.  Then snapping out of it, I again realised how ridiculous the process of grief can be and where the mind wanders.  A psychologist told me that if the model of Adam and Eve in a perfect garden (all perfectly created) is our origin then we were never created for grief.  We weren’t given the proper capacity to handle loss very well.  Perhaps that is why it is so awkward and painfully emotional.  Scribbling the emotions down has certainly helped the process of grieving for me and I hope you don’t mind me sharing it.


self-indulgent grief

is a sticky film

the memory likes

to touch

feeling the tackiness

fingering the sorry feelings

wallowing in


hopeless sadness



to feel their tackiness again


like touching the sticky photo

of my brother’s engagement party

I’m standing to the side

an empty shell

still in shock

from the night before

wondering what I’m doing there

my Uncle’s voice plays in my head

“….you’re unbelievable

to be here”

but not coming

would be worse

and I play the tape again

to feel the emptiness


C.S Lewis

describes it:

a ‘bath of self-pity’

‘the loathsome sticky-sweet pleasure

of indulging it –

that disgusts me.’


and suddenly

you awaken

and notice your memory

fingering the



tearing your hand away…


“Happy Birthday Isaiah!”

“How are you little guy?

You are three today.

You would be running around

with your brothers

skinning knees

kicking footballs

riding a new tricycle

down a big grass hill


Have a great birthday

where you are,

skinning knees

kicking footballs

riding a new tricycle

down a big grass hill

we love you mate

Happy Birthday!”


Jesus Loves Me


Jesus loves me? This you say

I know. You told me yesterday

But is love what I really crave?

I had love from my husband Dave

My kids also in their own way

Pick flowers for me from outside play

No love’s not what I really need

It’s not enough… I’ll admit… it’s greed

No. I don’t want love anymore

So I walked from love and closed the door

Love is extinct… it’s ME I want

With expensive shoes, posh restaurant

You tell me Jesus knows me well

And died for me to escape all hell

But… will Jesus like my post on facebook?

Or profile page? Will he take a look?

Does he share my taste in a girly movie?

Music? Dance? Will he get down groovy?

Tell me I look hot in this dress?

Buy me a drink? Try to impress?

Will he flirt with me? Tell me I’m sexy?

Buy me a diamond. Something exy?

Will Jesus give what I desire?

A glamored life where I feel higher?

I see you’re stunned. I’ve insulted you.

And that’s not what I meant to do

But please tomorrow don’t bring Jesus

Unless to serve me wines and cheeses